Are you a sensitive, soulful, and professional woman who’s been told you’re bright and capable, but are afraid to trust yourself and speak up?

  • Do you look to others to validate your ideas while feeling self-doubt?  
  • Do you procrastinate because you think what you’re doing isn’t good enough?
  • Do you worry so much about past or future conversations that you aren’t present or productive?
  • Do you shy away from standing in your power because you’re afraid to make a mistake, feel rejected, or say the wrong thing?
  • Do you feel inspired by your ideas and projects, and then overwhelmed by all the details?
Being sensitive is an amazing gift. Like any strength, it can feel like a weakness if it’s not understood, hidden, or ignored. When you understand, accept, and direct your sensitivity, you step into power from the inside!  
  • Believing in yourself, your worth, and your ideas. 
  • Feeling your emotions and finding strength in your passion and wisdom.
  • Channeling your ideas into productive conversations and actions.
  • Following and trusting your creative inspiration and intuition.
  • Feeling free, loving, strong, and confidently aligned in your life!

“After working with Heather, I feel more grounded, calm, and at the same time lighter on my feet. It was deep and transformative! She helped me visualize my problems in new ways and see solutions I couldn’t see before. Her gentle, sure guidance opened up new ideas, a new sense of stability and new pathways in my brain.” ~ Faith H. Portland, OR. 

Being a sensitive person looks different because it is different! Looking to others for “the answers” will never offer you the kind of confidence you seek because they are not your answers, truth, or experience.
As a sensitive, professional woman, myself, I had to find a way to shift these issues. Because of this, I developed practices which have transformed my life, and which I hope will empower yours!
Are you ready to trust yourself and feel empowered from the inside in all areas of your life?
If so, let’s find a time to talk…
As my gift to you, I offer a 30-minute Illumination Session to talk about where you are, why you’re stuck, and how I can help you.
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