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Are you a passionate, dedicated, sensitive woman who longs to feel confident, but often feels overwhelmed by your feelings in connection? 

  • Do you try to do avoid making mistakes because you’re scared of letting people down or being judged?
  • Do you hold back a part of yourself in connection, and then feel lonely, different, or misunderstood, even though you crave meaningful connections?
  • Do you ask people for advice, validation, and affirmation, even though you are insightful and independent in other ways?
  • Do you replay and rehearse conversations instead of trusting yourself in the moment?
  • Have the negative sides of sensitivity: (overanalyzing, overwhelm, and self-judgment) gotten in the way of the strengths of your sensitivity, e.g: empathy, insight, intuition, and creativity?
If so, you’re not alone! Being able to be yourself while connecting with other people is one of the greatest desires of sensitive women!
It can feel like you’re failing when you try so hard and feel so much. And, it takes a lot of energy to control feelings rather than flowing with them!

I know. As a sensitive woman, I spent years feeling that something was wrong with me.

I cared deeply and pushed myself hard to succeed — in all ways — and, especially in connection. And, I was exhausted all the time. Drained. Not having fun. I’d look around and compare myself constantly to other people who weren’t sensitive, and feel worse.

I felt like I was “on,” all the time, embarrassed by my feelings. When I was alone or with close friends, I’d feel spontaneous, free, joyful, inspired, but, with most people, I was cautious, anxious, and reserved — unless I drank. But, I didn’t want to use this as a crutch.

I felt lonely a lot because I felt so different from other people. I sought meaningful connections, but, I was often always worried about showing or feeling too much.

I thought I could solve my problems by analyzing them, but, instead, this led me to overthink and over-plan everything, trying to control myself, other people, and my environment, which led to even more anxiety and tension. My shoulders were up to my ears!

At night, I’d have trouble sleeping because I was replaying conversations.

Meditation, yoga, massage, therapy, journaling, and down time were great in the moment, but, the effects didn’t help me to feel calm or confident while I was in connection.

It was only when I began to accept and appreciate my sensitivity, truly seeing the gifts, that I began to belong to my own heart!
I stopped trying to pretend that I was “fine,” when I wasn’t, trying to fit in, or comparing myself to people who weren’t sensitive in the same way.
It was this trust in my wholeness that allowed me to find and cultivate tools for an embodied, mind-body-heart-spirit approach to sensitivity.
And, it’s a practice. I put my tools to use every day! 
Because I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed, fear and avoid “negative” feelings,
Because I know what it’s like to try to “fix,” things on your own, feeling embarrassed that you’re “still” working on things,
Because I know how amazing it is to feel balanced in your own heart and connect from the vibrantly alive and centered place within you,
I am passionate about helping other highly motivated, sensitive people, like you, implement the tools and practices which calm and strengthen your whole self, bringing grounding, expansion, and fulfillment! 


“After working with Heather, I feel more grounded, calm, and at the same time lighter on my feet. It was deep and transformative! She helped me visualize my problems in new ways and see solutions I couldn’t see before. Her gentle, sure guidance opened up new ideas, a new sense of stability and new pathways in my brain.” ~ Faith H. Portland, OR. 

For nearly 16 years, I’ve been working with sensitive people who are ready to move beyond overwhelm and into greater ease and confidence in connection!

If you’re ready to start clearing the way to who you truly are, I offer a complimentary Illumination Session to focus on where you’re stuck, what you hope for yourself, and how I can help. 


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“Let nothing dim the light that shines from within” ~ Maya Angelou
“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are” ~ Joseph Campbell