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Are you an empathic, soulful, and sensitive woman who is ready to feel confident and at ease in connection?

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  • Do you enjoy your empathy, but wish you didn’t feel quite so much? 
  • Are you wanting to trust and enjoy the magic of your intuitive knowing, rather than looking outside yourself for answers? 
  • Are you in transition, awakening to the greater sense of who you really are?
  • Are you a visionary and a healer who feels a strong sense of purpose to evolve your soul, and help others?
  • Would you like to find ways to release feelings, feel refreshed, and lift your spirits?

If welcomed, sensitivity is a great gateway to Vibrant Aliveness: vitality, purpose, inspiration, and fulfillment!

But, when feelings build up, it can lead to feeling blocked from your natural resources, flow, and potential. 

And, then, because you’re not releasing or letting much in, you’re not able to fully receive the ease and confidence that comes from being open, free, and connected to yourself and your intuition! 

What if you could create and savor specific practices which are good for your body and replenish you, and really add light and freedom to your life?
When you find the right practices which really fit with who you are at your core, you experience the flow of life within and around you again! 
You connect with pure aliveness: your infinite potential! 
And, your life flows…

As a coach with over 20 years experience in psychology, intuition, and mindfulness, I offer psychospiritual coaching with intuitive guidance to help you release fears, embody joy, experience ease, and let your magnificence shine!

Together, we create a sacred, open-hearted, playful, and uplifting space to invite all of who you are as you unfold, release, awaken, and savor your life!

Each session or program includes intuitive guidance specifically crafted for you to powerful shift and release the old and welcome the new as you flow and glow with ease!  

Faith“After working with Heather, I feel more grounded, calm, and at the same time lighter on my feet. It was deep and transformative! She helped me visualize my problems in new ways and see solutions I couldn’t see before. Her gentle, sure guidance opened up new ideas, a new sense of stability and new pathways in my brain.” ~ Faith H. Portland, OR. 

If you’re ready to open to be the light and share your light, I offer a complimentary Illumination Session to focus on what you hope for yourself and how to create it! 


“Let nothing dim the light that shines from within” ~ Maya Angelou
“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” ~ Anaiis Nin

Note: Coaching is not appropriate for those seeking therapy or mental health services. Coaching and intuitive guidance are for people who are eager to take responsibility for their lives and who want to incorporate tools and explore new ways of being and feeling which support their whole being!