Re-Roofing or a Roof Replacement – What are Your Options?

Re-roofing SAThe roof is like any other part of the house or building, and this means it also deteriorates as time goes by. Therefore if your roof has served you for several decades, it is only natural to start realising some roofing problem such as leaks, misalignments, and the like. When this occurs, you need to take immediate actions to prevent water damages and damage to your property. Depending on the level of damage, there are several decisions you can make to rectify the roofing problems. In most cases, you can either do re-roofing SA or roof replacement. So when should you re-roof and when should you do a roof replacement?

Re-roofing is less expensive than installing a new roof. However, this option is not for everyone. It depends on the materials of your roof and the story if your house and the pitch. In simple terms, re-roofing is the process of layering new shingles on top of existing ones. You can quickly do this if your house roof is overall in good shape and has no significant water damage or missing or soggy shingles. Re-roofing can only be done once and so this is not a good option for homes with more than one layer of roofing. Also, you should not re-roof only part of your roof; if you decide to have a re-roofing project, you need to work on the whole roof. If your roof is sagging or rotting, re-roofing is not a good option. If re-roofing is not an option for you, then the only option is roof replacement.

You can do roof replacement can anytime, but it is often applicable when there are roof problems that are beyond repair. While you can save money by re-roofing, you can only do it if you have a few issues. However, once the roof ready to give out, roof replacement is the only option. A roof replacement project will address all the problems with your roof instead of covering them, and that is why it is a better option when compared to re-roofing. By having your roof replaced, you can forget about any roofing issue, and the roof will serve you for many more years which makes it a wise investment.

With the above information, you can now decide on whether to do re-roofing SAor roof replacement. However, whichever decisions you make, ensure that you hire the best roofing company. There are plenty of roofing experts out there, and not all are trustworthy. Therefore, be careful as you will be investing heavily and it is only fair that you get quality services.