Weighted Blanket Therapy – What You Need to Know

If you’re having difficulties sleeping or is suffering from insomnia or other sleep-depriving conditions, then you’ve probably come across weighted blankets during your search for feasible solutions. You’ve maybe heard about weighted blanket therapy as well. Experts say it can help you achieve better sleep. However, your natural scepticism got in the way, and you thought, “how does that even work?” That’s what we expected; which is why this article will investigate weighted blankets and how this therapy will help you with your sleeping problems.


What Is Weighted Blanket Therapy?


Weighted blanket therapy is a method that uses pressure to help the body and mind relax, which contributes to one achieving and improving their quality of sleep. Weighted blankets are a tool used by occupational therapists to often recommend for kids with SPD, ADHD, and Autism (ASD) to help with calming. The weight of the blanket serves to provide proprioceptive input to the brain, which has a calming and organising effect on the central nervous system.


If you still don’t get the grasp of what this therapy is all about, think of it as when you swaddle an infant. The light yet firm hug of the blanket wrapped around the sleeping infant helps them relax enough to drift off to sleep. The same sensation is applied in weighted blankets. This therapy can be used for both children and adults who suffer from sleeping difficulties.


Effects of Weighted Blanket Therapy


The most significant effect of this therapy is helping you achieve better sleep. However, at the same time, it also contributes to the following:


  • Reducing anxiety
  • Positive calming effects
  • Lowering physiological indicators of stress (pulse rate, blood pressure).
  • Positive impact on behaviour and sleep time.



In short, weighted blankets bring more positive effects than just helping you get to sleep at night. It can potentially change your life for the better. So, if you struggle from anxiety, stress, or behaviour problems, then a weighted blanket should be a good investment for you.


Who Benefits from Weighted Blanket Therapy?


Everyone benefits from WBT. There’s no exception. Whether you have sleeping problems or not, you’ll love using a weighted blanket. However, its effects are much more useful for people with mental conditions such as autism or sensory processing dysfunction.


Purchase A Weighted Blanket Today!


Weighted Blankets are pretty similar to weighted vests as they offer the same proprioceptive or deep touch pressure (DTP) to the body. It helps release serotonin, a hormone neurotransmitter that regulates several brain functions. With a weighted blanket, your body can release this positive hormone, contributing to better sleep. So, what are you waiting for? Experience the positive effects of weighted blanket therapy by purchasing a weighted blanket now.