As a sensitive person, I come to this work with a lot of heart and appreciation.

I’ve always been sensitive, finding meaning in everything, feeling a lot, caring a lot, appreciating nature, and finding beauty and magic in the world.

I was always concerned about other people’s feelings because I was easily moved and inspired (still do!). And, I was told I was “too sensitive” a lot. I looked for people who understood me and often found them.

I’ve always had a very vibrant inner life and I spent a lot of time balancing the focus on my inner thoughts, feelings, and imagination with the concrete one.

When I was in my center, I felt vibrant, light, grounded, expansive, and joyful: like myself. This felt great!

But, at other points, I’d feel tired, especially after being in crowds, at loud events, or even with friends. I just wanted to be myself and feel connected to others.

In college, I learned mindfulness from a friend and it was such a relief! I finally found something that could help me trust myself and find my center when I felt a lot.

It was so transformative that I chose my psychology graduate school because of it! It had a mindfulness-oriented program which was also holistic, focused on eastern spirituality and consciousness studies, in addition to a traditional approach. There, I received my masters and doctorate in clinical psychology.

I went on to study positive psychology, sensitivity, anxiety, self-actualization, neuroscience, mind/body techniques, and the healing that happens in affirming relationships.

Over time, I realized that a huge part of me was missing: my voice. And, as I began to listen to myself, I sought out soul-enriching activities which opened my voice, my heart, and my intuition, and brought me a whole host of tools, activities, and practices which enhanced my inner joy and presence.

I realized I wanted to connect from my whole self.

I knew I didn’t want to practice the way I had; that who I was, was much more expansive, whole, and powerful than I’d been acknowledging.

“Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you”

— Rumi

Everyone I saw had much more power than s/he knew and that the way in was through, through each person’s acceptance and self-love of herself.

I had been holding myself back and working as though I wasn’t a sensitive person, and yet, my great power, everyone’s great power, comes from being our authentic selves!

I realized that I wanted to focus on the present, people’s potential, and what they wanted for themselves and their future.

So, (after 20 years in psychology and 16 as a psychotherapist), I transitioned into empowerment coaching where I could be my whole self: open, warm, expressive, empathic, grounded, enthusiastic, and vibrantly alive.

Because of my experience opening up to my true self, I am passionate about offering tools and practices to help other sensitive women feel power in who they truly are as sensitive women and connect together as a community!

I now offer sessions, programs, workshops, and groups which are vibrant, fun, authentic, and honoring of everyone’s wisdom and power!

The most amazing gift we can receive is being who we truly are: fully, beautifully, magically, powerfully, sensitively ourselves! That’s the gift we give our relationships, our work, and the world. We come home to ourselves, to our truth, to our hearts.

“We are the ones we have been waiting for”

— A Hopi Elder Quote


In my spare time, I do what lifts my heart.

I love spending time with my partner, Erin, and our three rescue dogs (see below). I love savoring warm sunny days, having great conversations, laughing hard, going on new adventures, playing UNO, cooking, writing, reading books and listening to podcasts on new age, law of attraction, or intuitive stuff, watching tv series, spending time in the woods or by the ocean, and, enjoying life are all part of my life. It’s good for the soul!

                                   Professional & Educational Background

B.A. Liberal Arts, with concentrations in Creative Writing and Women’s Studies, Sarah Lawrence College.

M.A. Clinical Psychology, California Institute of Integral Studies

Psy.D. (Doctorate in Clinical Psychology), California Institute of Integral Studies

Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master

Universal Life Minister (I’m spiritual but not religious).

Training in Law of Attraction and Emotional Freedom Technique

Training in Coaching, Intuition, and energy work.

“Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you,” ~ Rumi 
“We are the ones we have been waiting for,” ~ A Hopi Elder Quote