Are We a Good Fit?

Having the right fit between coach and client is essential. Here are some characteristics of the people who have been the best fit. Don’t worry if you don’t match up with all of them. 

Here are some questions to assess goodness of fit:
  • Are you open to trying new things?
  • Are you ready to say, “yes!” to yourself? I only work with people who are really excited to get started, and open.
  • Are you an optimistic person/someone who values positivity and proactivity?
  • Are you generally in a good place in your life?
  • Are you passionate, dedicated, and focused?
  • Do you love implementing new ideas and processes?
  • Are you empathic?
  • Are you passionate about personal and spiritual growth?
  • Do you care about creating meaning?
  • Are you a visual and/or kinesthetic person?
  • Does visualization come easily to you?
  • Are you open to growth that happens over time rather than immediately? (Your growth may be dependent on a number of factors, including divine timing).
  •  Are you creative or focused on inspiration?
  • Are you open to new age, metaphysical, and quantum physics ideas?
  • Are kindness and being considerate important to you?
  • Are you focused on the larger context and personal growth?

If so, we’re probably a great match!

Many of the people I work with are creative, open-minded, inspired people who savor the connection they have to art, nature, animals, and the nuances of life, and want to be able to share them with others. They want to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually so they can be the change they want to see in the world (to quote that famous quote!).

I love to encourage, motivate, inspire, and support connections with caring, sensitive, aware people who want to tap into their strength, vulnerability, and gentleness while remembering their wholeness!