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Overthinking? Change Your Mood in 5 Easy Steps
How to Interrupt Overthinking & Start Feeling Calm Again

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Overthinking is a very common experience for Highly Sensitive people and Empaths who are prone to having high standards, caring a lot, feeling a lot, and noticing all the details and depth of interactions.

Sound like you?

Excessive planning, thinking, rehearsing or replaying conversations often comes from a wish to do things well, to be understood, (or to understand something), and a feeling that life happens too quickly.

But getting stuck in your head can leave you feeling down, unproductive, anxious, empty and upset, without any resolution!

Here are 5 ways to move beyond the cycle and back into life!

1. Experience the difference.

Acknowledge that you’d like to have a different experience than what you’re feeling right now.

  • Go for different as opposed to good.
  • When you’re down or upset, it can be too big a stretch to try to feel good or happy or even calm.
  • Ask yourself to be open to having a different experience. Who knows what it will be yet? 😉

2. Try 3 rounds of Loving Kindness Meditation (& expect nothing).

May I be safe. (take a breath)

May I be peaceful. (take a breath)

May I be at ease. (take a breath)

May I be happy. (take a breath)

  • Do 3 rounds.
  • Expect nothing, just let yourself feel.
  • Give yourself full permission to be where you’re at.
  • Notice what comes.
  • See how you breathe, and what feelings emerge.
  • Expect nothing. When you’re a perfectionist, you already have HUGE demands of yourself. This exercise sets you free to just be you.
  • Give yourself FULL permission just to BE. 🙂

3. Do something physically active that brings you comfort.

Move to change your feelings.


4. Notice what you do like in your environment.

  • When you’re feeling upset, it’s easy to focus intently on what’s wrong within or around you. Let’s shift that!
  • Don’t push; just allow.
  • Be curious and open — this shifts your feelings.

5. Choose 1 list of 5 Things:

  • Name 5 things to be grateful for (and really feel them!) OR
  • Compliment 5 people OR
  • Choose uplifting words for the first 5 letters of the alphabet (e.g. Altruism, beautiful, creativity, delight!, everlasting). Feel those words!

Now, assess and return to #1, is something different?  How are you feeling?

In Summary

For most Highly Sensitive people, a balance between thinking, feeling, and action is at the heart of well-being.

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Dr. Heather Schwartz is a coach and guide with a 20-year background in mindfulness and psychology, and who works with  Highly Sensitive women & Empaths on their energy so they can trust themselves and share their gifts with the world!