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Expressing Yourself + A Reiki Video!
“I wish I could just get out of my own way, express myself, and just feel comfortable with my writing. But, I always worry about what other people are thinking, and then I obsess over the grammar, the words, and the images…

“I’m so frustrated at myself! Why can’t I just write?! I want to put myself out there! I have all these ideas, and I feel called to share what’s really in my heart. I just can’t get past my mind.”

Leigh sighed. The look of fatigue was still in her face.
Have you been where Leigh is? I know I have. 
As sensitive people, we tend to focus so hard on the details or what other people think, that we dampen our spirits! 
We forget the joy of creating: feeling ALIVE in our hearts and letting our voices be heard! 
It’s amazing! And, when people get it and us, wow! 
Our work, as sensitive people, is really about trusting ourselves.
Knowing that what we are saying and feeling matters, and letting others into our world rather than trying to control everything.
It’s about believing that our creation is close enough to our vision to share it, and let other people in! 
If you’d like help trusting yourself and opening your voice, I’d love to help you!
You can sign up for a complimentary 30-minute session here
And, to support you in opening your voice, the power within you, I created this reiki video.

When we are willing to offer our perfectly imperfect, beautiful, and vulnerably alive passions to the world, we create a better world!
We show that difference doesn’t have to be scary, that love and trust are more powerful! 
Just so you know: reiki is a powerful yet gentle energy healing tool. Some people notice a gentle warmth. Others, a buzzing or vibration. Some notice feeling more loved or loving. Others notice nothing at all.
I hope it will bring you all the release, clarity, and nourishment you want to set yourself free!
Now, more than ever, we need to bring our light and hearts as sensitive and soulful women to the world! It’s needed! 
From my heart to yours, 

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Debunking 3 Common Myths about Sensitive Women and Public Speaking

Does public speaking freak you out?

For many sensitive women, just the idea of being on the spot, forced to think while feeling, while being observed, creates sweaty palms!

I know it used to for me, before I learned how switch from freeze to flow! And, now, I love it!

And, in order to enjoy it, it’s important to be clear on what works.

What I’m going to share with you today are 3 common myths of public speaking, specific to being a sensitive person.

The last one is my personal favorite because it highlights what we sensitive women bring to the table and to the world, which everyone is interested in! I’ll give you a hint: our feelings! Feelings are great motivators; they call us to listen, to be aware, and to connect meaningfully with others. When in balance with ourselves, sensitive women have so much to offer the world!

Here are the myths. And, if it moves you, share this article, sign up for my free newsletter (you get my complimentary 5 Gifts of Sensitivity article, too!), and/or share your thoughts. I’d love to hear them!

Myth: Just focus on what you’re saying, and you’ll be fine.

Truth: Focusing only on what you’re saying, when you’re a feeling-oriented person creates more anxiety because of all the energy you’re spending on blocking your feelings and demanding that you be in control. It also creates really dry, boring talks! Emotion gives speech life!

2. Myth: Just focus on a friendly face in the room. Maybe someone you know.

Truth: Sensitive people can get all hung up on facial expressions and what they mean. If you’re looking to the audience to support you, you might get focused there, rather than on your talk. If you’re dependent on someone smiling, it puts all the control outside of yourself! And, if you know the person, you might feel more anxious!

Instead, I teach a method to help people find their center, feel their vitality, and speak with passion and power! You can find out more here!

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3. Myth: If you just relax and stop being so anxious, you’ll give a great talk!

Truth: Trying to stop who you are and how you’re feeling creates more of what you don’t want.

Anxiety gives us energy, interest, and enthusiasm!

It is our life force energy and, when we let it flow, powerful, exciting things happen! Blocking it creates rifts within us and distracts us. But, when we welcome it, a clearing happens!

We find our ground and center within the heightened energy, like the center within a storm, and everything slows down.

Did you know? Anxiety is registered in our bodies the same way as excitement. Our bodies can’t tell the difference! It’s our minds that tell us what we should believe about our experiences of short breath, high energy, excitement, and fast thoughts!

So, part of success in giving a talk is not fighting what you’re feeling, but, allowing your natural life force energy to flow!

See anxiety as a welcome addition of passion about your great talk, and watch it diminish and leave the best parts: the energy!

For more exciting suggestions on anxiety and presentations, stay tuned! I’ll be sharing more tips in the coming months! ~ Heather