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Appreciating Sensitivity


(I purposely put that in all caps!). 😉

It’s time for the sensitive people of the world to step forward and claim their — our — rightful place at the table of honor!

Others can be there, too, of course! Inclusiveness is a value for many of us sensitive people!

It’s time for us to speak up, even as we claim qualities create vulnerability. These qualities also create depth, meaning, beauty, and power.

Can you relate?

  • Do you feel deeply, cry easily, and turn red when performing in front of others?
  • Have you worried about what people thought of you and cared a lot about their feelings?
  • Are you naturally intuitive?
  • Do you feel refreshed and revitalized in nature?
  • Have you been intermittently inspired, vibrant, and passionate, and then overwhelmed by your excitement or fear of taking the next step?
  • Do you have a secret playful side that not everyone sees?

Yes. These are all traits of sensitivity!


So many sensitive people believe there’s something is wrong with them, instead of knowing they are sensitive!

Sensitivity is a temperament difference, (thanks to Dr. Elaine Aron’s amazing research) which makes it easy for sensitive people to access information through our senses, including our intuition.

But, we’re finely tuned. Like a tuning fork.

We easily pick up other people’s or animals’ emotions or energies in places, and then we might think it’s our own!

This confusion and overflow of energy can make it difficult to feel centered in our own bodies or make decisions.

This is especially true since we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and conflict feels hard to our senses.

Until we know how to set clear our energy and set good boundaries, we might feel drained, heavy, deeply emotional, or sluggish in everyday life.

Have you judged yourself for feeling so much? 

Feeling deeply hasn’t always been positively regarded in our cognitively-focused society.

So many people (including me) went to therapy, thinking there was something wrong, only to be given a label of anxiety.


If I could say one thing, it’s that being sensitive is not a disorder. It’s a way of being. And, a way of relating to ourselves and the world. 

I wish this was a well-known fact.

While I was growing up, well-meaning family members often told me to “toughen up” or “stop being so sensitive.”

Did you ever hear that?

I was often asked how I’d be able to “make it” being so sensitive.

In fact, many of the traits my relatives loved were part of my sensitivity!

Though I also worried about being tough enough to make it, I later realized that this judgment wasn’t based on my own value system.

I wanted to be strong, not tough or rigid.

After a long time, I began to appreciate the hidden beauty of being sensitive, especially as I learned to clear the energy and find my truth and ground.

And, I came to know that what I care about is being true to myself, expressing who I am at my core, and helping other sensitive women do the same!


There are so many strengths to being sensitive, including:

* Empathy * insight *creativity/inspiration *appreciation of beauty (especially in nature) *strength  *compassion *self-awareness, and, * bringing passion and quality to everything you do!

And, when people compliment you on these traits, they’re really complimenting you on your sensitivity! How awesome is that?! 🙂 

What do YOU appreciate about being sensitive?  Feel free to share here! 

The more we share who we truly are, the more we create a more compassionate, creative, inspired, vibrant world that values sensitivity! 

And, if you would like to receive a complimentary session to become more fully yourself as a sensitive person, you can click here. <3


Heather Schwartz is an empowerment coach, intuitive, and teacher for sensitive women who want to release “anxiety” and come home to their centered, inspired, optimistic, and powerful selves!

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Overthinking? Change Your Mood in 5 Easy Steps
How to Interrupt Overthinking & Start Feeling Calm Again

confident woman

Overthinking is a very common experience for Highly Sensitive people and Empaths who are prone to having high standards, caring a lot, feeling a lot, and noticing all the details and depth of interactions.

Sound like you?

Excessive planning, thinking, rehearsing or replaying conversations often comes from a wish to do things well, to be understood, (or to understand something), and a feeling that life happens too quickly.

But getting stuck in your head can leave you feeling down, unproductive, anxious, empty and upset, without any resolution!

Here are 5 ways to move beyond the cycle and back into life!

1. Experience the difference.

Acknowledge that you’d like to have a different experience than what you’re feeling right now.

  • Go for different as opposed to good.
  • When you’re down or upset, it can be too big a stretch to try to feel good or happy or even calm.
  • Ask yourself to be open to having a different experience. Who knows what it will be yet? 😉

2. Try 3 rounds of Loving Kindness Meditation (& expect nothing).

May I be safe. (take a breath)

May I be peaceful. (take a breath)

May I be at ease. (take a breath)

May I be happy. (take a breath)

  • Do 3 rounds.
  • Expect nothing, just let yourself feel.
  • Give yourself full permission to be where you’re at.
  • Notice what comes.
  • See how you breathe, and what feelings emerge.
  • Expect nothing. When you’re a perfectionist, you already have HUGE demands of yourself. This exercise sets you free to just be you.
  • Give yourself FULL permission just to BE. 🙂

3. Do something physically active that brings you comfort.

Move to change your feelings.


4. Notice what you do like in your environment.

  • When you’re feeling upset, it’s easy to focus intently on what’s wrong within or around you. Let’s shift that!
  • Don’t push; just allow.
  • Be curious and open — this shifts your feelings.

5. Choose 1 list of 5 Things:

  • Name 5 things to be grateful for (and really feel them!) OR
  • Compliment 5 people OR
  • Choose uplifting words for the first 5 letters of the alphabet (e.g. Altruism, beautiful, creativity, delight!, everlasting). Feel those words!

Now, assess and return to #1, is something different?  How are you feeling?

In Summary

For most Highly Sensitive people, a balance between thinking, feeling, and action is at the heart of well-being.

Girl jumping

If you’d like personalized help with being more present and moving beyond overthinking, feel free to contact me for a session, and if you appreciated this article, please share it with friends!

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Dr. Heather Schwartz is a coach and guide with a 20-year background in mindfulness and psychology, and who works with  Highly Sensitive women & Empaths on their energy so they can trust themselves and share their gifts with the world!