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Growth Brings Positive Change

You are one step closer towards feeling centred, connected, and more vibrantly alive.

Life is stressful. Whether it’s a recent loss or ongoing issues, life takes a toll. It’s hard not to blame ourselves, to break away from the same old ways of doing things, and to understand how to move past painful experiences.

Even positive events (like going to college or graduate school, graduation, a new job, house, or relationship) can cause stress as our lives change and get busier.

Too often, we carry on as if nothing hard is happening, or we move on to accomplishing “the next big thing” rather than acknowledging where we’ve been.

Therapy can offer a space for you to slow down, receive support and guidance, and re-engage with the presence of mind and heart.


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
~ Mary Oliver

Are you a deeply feeling, optimistic, and empathic woman who wants to feel good about yourself and your sensitivity?
  • Are you spending a lot of time and energy just trying to feel balanced, happy, and like yourself?
  • Do you wish you could connect and do the things you love without feeling so much anxiety or exhaustion?
  • Are you a life-long learner who would like to stop pushing or judging yourself, and start accepting yourself instead?
  • Would you like to get over the fear of making mistakes and take necessary risks to live your most joyful, inspired, and meaningful life? 
When you’re a sensitive, deeply-feeling person, emotions can feel like big waves rather than peaceful waters.

That’s because being sensitive means being deeply attuned, like a tuning fork or a radio tower, picking up frequencies.

If you don’t know how to set clear boundaries, release energy, and replenish yourself, you’re going to feel drained, anxious, or just not like yourself.

You might judge yourself harshly because you care so deeply.
Seeking comfort or “answers” from other people who are not sensitive, means missing out on the resources within you!
The irony is that the feelings are not us. They don’t define our worthiness or dignity. They’re just experiences passing through.
And, when we learn how to clear them, we find our Truth: the powerhouse of understanding, joy, love, peace, strength, and potential within us.
We come home to ourselves.

And, that’s an amazing experience!
“After working with Heather, I feel more grounded, calm, and at the same time lighter on my feet. It was deep and transformative! She helped me visualize my problems in new ways and see solutions I couldn’t see before. Her gentle, sure guidance opened up new ideas, a new sense of stability and new pathways in my brain.” ~ Faith H. Portland, OR. 
I know what it’s like to wonder if things are ever going to get easier, and to wonder how to be sensitive in a world that moves so quickly.
Because of my experience as a sensitive woman, I crafted tools and practices specific to sensitivity — resources I wish I’d had sooner — which I hope will bring you ease, comfort, and freedom in being truly yourself! 
If you’re ready to greater ease, joy, and authentic confidence, I offer a complimentary Illumination Session where we can talk about what you hope for yourself and how to create it! 


“Let nothing dim the light that shines from within” ~ Maya Angelou
“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” ~ Anaiis Nin