Five New Trends in Office Furniture

Trends are often dictated by conditions and situations all around us. In the workplace, the millennials are known for their love for work that they naturally spend more time in the office, if not, they have functional offices at home. Furniture trends by RealityFurniture commercial furniture Adelaide are capturing this need and so their designers, for instance, are always thinking outside of the primary office cubicles. They understand that it is essential for businesses and homeowners alike to have comfortable and functional workplaces.


Creating enticing workspaces that encourage and motivate employees to appreciate and feel more comfortable in their work environment, lead to increased productivity. So, if you are a business owner or work out of an office at home, the current trend can be worth its weight in gold, if you embrace it.


Are you redesigning your office space? Here are the latest trends in commercial furniture and office design that will help you create a productive and engaging office environment for you and your employees.


Multi-Function Workspaces


In modern offices, you will not see uniform office chairs and desks. Spaces are not the same sizes, either. More and more employees desire and demand flexible, co-working spaces to meet individual needs and to foster a sense of well-being at work.


Ergonomic and task-oriented furniture that meet the needs of your employees is what you, as a business owner, should be investing in. It is an effective way to motivate and make your office a more positive place to work.



Bringing the Home to the Office


Since employees are spending more time at work, you need to help your employees feel more comfortable during their work time. Consider creating spaces where you will feel at home. Some home-inspired office furniture options include sofas, coffee tables, plants and natural lighting options – all intended toward fostering creativity.


Spaces That Are Private and Collaborative


Every employee has a unique way of performing their tasks. Work styles are individual and vary considerably depending on the project. Some people prefer open spaces, while others value more private and quiet spaces. Create a work environment that offers the best of both worlds. It includes large desks that allow employees to sit and work together – partitions, chairs, and desktops that can be easily moved to create privacy as needed.


Room for Technology


Integrating technology directly into office furniture, allows employees to quickly charge their gadgets and laptops and connect to screens and ports as needed.


Natural (Not Neutral) Colours are In


Forget about beige and tan painted furniture. Employees want to see natural details in their workspaces, like adding plants outdoors and indoors in your office and vibrantly coloured furniture in the hues you see in nature is a great way to increase employee productivity and even retention.


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