The Most Common and Preferred Homeopathy Medicines

More and more people today are experimenting with homeopathy medicines SA for the simple reason that they are starting to realise how useful it is when it comes to the treatment of common ailments and illnesses. Nothing beats natural medication, and it is what exactly homeopathy offers to those who have become hopeless in using conventional drugs and medicine manufactured in laboratories.

Let us take a look at the most commonly used homeopathy medicines SA of today.

  1. Onion (Allium Cepa) – Considering that onion naturally brings out the tears in one’s eyes and causes dripping of the nose, it is now a favourite way of treating hay fever and common colds. If you are suffering from thin and watery nasal discharge, irritating your nostrils in the process, then you could benefit from onions as an effective homeopathy
  2. Chamomile – Chamomile is one of nature’s most exciting wonders as it helps infants get relief from usual irritants like teething and colic, allowing them to get a good night sleep. As a parent, you no longer have to bear with many sleepless nights, thanks to chamomile.
  3. Arnica or Mountain Daisy – If you are into sports, then you should learn about the benefits of arnica or mountain daisy when it comes to first aid and as a practical homeopathic remedy for sports-related injuries. In fact, arnica helps in remedying shock and trauma caused by injuries while performing rigorous physical activities. Furthermore, arnica is also helpful in reducing pain and speeding up the healing process.
  4. John’s Wort – If you have not heard of St. John’s wort before, then you should learn more about it sooner than later. It is a highly effective homeopathic medicine for injuries associated with the nerves as well as pain suffered in some parts of the body linked to the nerves, including but not limited to the back, fingers, and toes.
  5. Ignatius Beans – Those who are in the field of psychiatry will one day realise the value of this homeopathic remedy. St. Ignatius bean is known for providing a cure for anxiety and depression, as well as acute grief after someone suffers from a death in the family or separation.

  1. Phosphate magnesia – You probably don’t know it yet, but phosphate of magnesia is quite popular as a remedy for cramps. It is especially helpful for women who consistently suffer from menstrual cramps. To be specific, phosphate of magnesia is of great help once a woman is forced to bend over due to the pain caused by menstrual cramps.
  2. Poison Ivy – While the term could easily scare you, but poison ivy has been in use for centuries in the treatment of sprains and strains. A person suffering from “rusty gate” syndrome benefits from it, too. If you are experiencing from arthritis or flu, poison ivy provides a cure without the need for conventional medicine.