Illumination Session Info & Scheduling

Would you like to trust in your great knowing?

The doorway is within you!
All you need to do is learn tools and practices which will help clear away blockages and old stories and help you to regain your footing and feel connected to your truth and self-love.

The Illumination Session is the gateway to belonging in your own heart.

It’s a beginning session meant to help you share what you long for in your life. And, in doing so, you begin to open the pathway between your heart and your voice.

While we’ll be talking, I’ll be asking you questions to help you open up to your own true knowing. 

Within is pure potential, waiting for you to come home to yourself…

It’s time to find comfort, peace and belonging within yourself, and to move forward with greater ease, love, grace, and clarity!

You’ll have a chance to see how we might work together, and, you will definitely receive something from this session!


Are you ready to ILLUMINATE Your Power?