How to Choose Lipstick Colours – Important tips

Lipstick can make a woman look beautiful, but on the condition that it is good and relevant lipstick. If you love makeup, it is not difficult to find a perfect brand to use, but what about colour and texture? Some lipsticks can look bad on you depending on the shade you go for and what you are wearing. A mismatched lipstick will obviously look bad on you.

Lipsticks come in different colours, and when you apply lipstick, it can look different from the way it looks in the tube. That is the first problem, and consistency is another. When buying lipsticks for your makeup, you can choose the cream lipstick, the traditional solid form, or the liquid lipstick by Pink Lust. Note that even as you buy lipsticks, the permanent lipsticks overdry your lips skin, but this depends on your skin type.

When buying lipsticks, the colour choice will depend on what you are looking for. The different tones of your lipstick may create different impressions, and so you should be careful when applying the lipstick.

  • Red or pink colour. These lipstick colours make your face look bright and appreciable. These are classic style colours. But be careful! These shades and more so red can make more noticeable all the red tones on your skin.
  • Yellow or orange. They make your face softer and warmer. These colours are suited for warm skin tones, but do not fit the pale faces at all; to them, it looks unnatural. They can also emphasise the green or blue undertones in your skin. If you over-indulge orange, your skin can look grey and withered.
  • Green and blue ones. This can make the lipstick colour deeper. Be careful with this, and if you are not sure, you better stay away.
  • Silver and grey. Give gentleness, twinkle, and deepness to your lips. Visually volumise lips and stump contour, which is why they’re so popular with women.

When you use your new liquid lipstick:

  • When using the lipstick, try not to copy in your real lips colour, but choose a colour that complements your skin tone and shade the natural colour of your lips.
  • If you’re not a teenager, go for the medium tones (peaches, pinks and beiges), no extreme shades.
  • If you have light skin and dark hair, you can try the deeper colours (choose deep pink or caramel)
  • If you have medium skin and hair, you may go for any colour you wish, being geared to your eyes colour.
  • Leave the wine or plum lipstick for women with a dark skin
  • If you have olive skin, you should use light browns
  • Always remember that your eye makeup should belong together with your lipstick and that any makeup accentuates your beauty individually.

Now, that you know the different lipstick colours and how to choose the right makeup, next should be to buy quality makeup. You can purchase liquid lipstick by Pink Lust and get a variety of colours and composition that is made to meet all your beauty needs. Go to their website and see their range of lipsticks and place an order.