My mission is to offer fun, revitalizing, and empowering tools which helps us know, love, and honor who we are at our core as sensitive women.

We have so many gifts to share with the world! And, for too long the message has been to hide our sensitivity or hold ourselves back. It’s time to connect to our power within and in community!

As we feel free to embrace our truth, our strengths, and our power, we clear old beliefs or patterns, and we awaken to our many possibilities within and around us.

We awaken to our abundance within, like a secret treasure chest!

We feel the freedom, joy, and fulfillment in being who we truly are: creative, vibrant, intuitive, open, meaningful and loving spirits!

This creates a more diverse, empowered, and loving community.


I am a coach and a guide for sensitive and intuitive women who want to release anything that stands in the way of being their true selves: light, grounded, empowered, and enlivened.

I invite you to discover and delight in your voice, your abilities, and remember your wholeness. In doing so, you embrace the abundance within you and around you.

You are better able to flow, receiving and giving with ease.

I teach ways to clear, ground, and replenish yourself. Realizing that you are not your “negative” feelings, your beliefs, or thoughts sets you free!

Clearing and grounding helps you come home to the flow within you that is your True Self. As you remember your essence, you discover peace, love, kindness, openness, expansiveness, and a celebration of being alive! That’s a great way to live as your most vibrant self!

It’s from this place of freedom, that you can show up, play, express your true self, and share your gifts, creating a stronger more vital community and world!

This changes everything!