Fodder Preservation – the Use of Net Wrap

Any farmer knows the need to preserve feeds. When it comes to animal feeds, the most common types of animal feeds are the fodder crops. If you want to store fodder feeds for future use, then there are two main methods you can use. What you choose to use will depend on the size of your livestock, how much feeds you want to preserve, and your budget.

The two main methods to store fodder feeds include hay making and net wrapping. When we talk of haymaking, it was probably the best method to preserve fodder feeds some years back. However, it has been overtaken by the use net wrap. Haymaking is very tedious and requires a lot of resources as you have to transport the hay bales to a storage space to avoid rain damage. This also means that the amount of space you have for storage also limits the amount of animal feeds you can preserve, which makes hay making an outdated method. Unless you are keeping feeds for your two cows, the process is otherwise not economical.

When we talk of net wrapping, the benefits you enjoy with this method of fodder preservation are endless. First, the product is very affordable and readily available in the market which means that getting it is hassle-free. Another benefit is that there is no maximum to the number of bales you can wrap with this product as it is weather resistant which means the bundles can be left on the farm. This means you can preserve as much feeds as you can so long as you have enough wrapping material.

Another benefit of using net wrap is that the process of feeds preservation is very easy. You just harvest your fodder, then let it wilt depending on the weather around you. Then, the next thing will be to hire a baler that will make the bales and wrap them at the same time. Within a few hours, the work will be over, and you can leave the wrapped feeds on the farm. This gives the grass a chance to regrow, and you can repeat the process once more.

As discussed from above, when preserving fodder feeds, the best way is to use a net wrap. Now, if you have not used this method before, worry not since all you need is visit your local store and buy quality net wrapping products. To be sure of the quality, you can ask the dealer to offer you a guarantee. You can as well order your net wrapping product online and have it delivered to your doorstep. After you have bought the net wrapping product, you can then find a baler, and you’re ready to start the preservation method.