7 Strategies for Local SEO

What is local SEO? Local search means the use of geographical location terms to find a local business online. It is a known fact that when people use Google, they search for example, “SEO,” + “Adelaide.”

SEO AdelaideYou need to take advantage of local search options to help you attract local traffic to your website. Reach out to many people who may be interested in your business. Simply put, optimise!

Here are some ways you can attract local traffic to your website:

  1. Local search engines

Most major search engines allow you to list your website and attach it to a specific geographic area.

  1. Optimise your website for local search

There are several settings that you can add to your website to optimise it for local searches. These include:

Local terms in the titles of your page (that is, do not use the home page as the title of the home page, but SEO Adelaide as the title of your home page).

Local terms should be in your anchor text, which is the visible text with hyperlink on a web page.

Local terms should be in your H1 and H2 tags – Local terms in the content of your pages (that is, mention “Adelaide professional SEO” instead of just “SEO” or the name of your company in the content of your pages).

  1. A location map must be included in your site

Make sure it is easy for local residents to find you when they search. Google Maps makes it very easy to insert a map of your location on a page of your website.

  1. Physical address

inclusion of your physical address on all pages of your site provides search engines with another reason to index it.

  1. Internal links

for inbound links to your website from other local companies. Search engines especially favour unidirectional inbound links from high traffic sites, so if you don’t have to include a reciprocal link to the linked site on your pages, the link strategy becomes even stronger.

  1. Other local directories

times, local media, organisations, or businesses offer local directories where you can list your company free or for a fee. The places you can check in your local area include newspapers, television stations, magazines, independently-owned directories, guides of significant search engines (such as Yahoo City Guide), directories of professions or industries, and sites of the chamber of commerce or visitor’s office – all local or regional.

  1. Sites of recommendation/review

Many of the locally focused websites mentioned above offer visitors the opportunity to post testimonials or reviews about a company’s products or services. Take a few minutes to ask your local customers to go and review your business.

If you have a business with local customers, it is not too late to make sure your business can be found through local search. Learn more here. After all, you don’t want to send your target market to the competition, right?