Start Here

A Warm Welcome to You!

Are you a woman who wants to believe in yourself and find more tools to feel greater ease in connection?

Great! The first step in this process is for us to set up an Illumination Session: A powerful 30-minute call to connect, talk about what you envision for yourself, what gets in the way, and how you can begin to claim your wholeness!

There’s no pressure to continue in coaching, (I won’t be talking to you about continuing), but, you will definitely receive something from this session! It’s my gift to you. It’s also a way for us to see whether we’re a good fit, and for you to feel, think, and express what you want for yourself and your life!

My Approach

My style is collaborative, gentle, light-filled, uplifting, deep, and enthusiastic!

I love this work!

Within a mind-body-heart-spirit frame, come experience interactive energy work (such as: reiki, visualization, color therapy, and Ho’oponopono), intuitive guidance, discussion, and fun suggestions as you open to the calm, joy, and personal power within you!

You’ll learn tools and practices you can use at home to center and replenish yourself.

Though I have many tools, what’s most important is your sense of openness, enthusiasm, and motivation.

I will also offer you intuitive guidance suggestions which honor, support, and highlight your strengths and spirituality as you create roots to sustain your growth!

You will be invited to involve your own process of creativity, inspiration, and intuitive knowing in our work together as this enhances ease, playfulness, and joy!

Who is Coaching For?

Coaching is great for people who are ready to commit to themselves and their greatest potential, eager to invest in their lives, curious, enthusiastic and excited to grow, evolve, and ready to discover the incredible power within and beyond them!

It’s a powerful and deeply meaningful mixture of invention, play, hope, trust, and exploration! The main focus is on the present and future, and on being your whole true self.

We can lose that connection to our true self when we believe old stories or beliefs which were handed down.

Though I work mostly with women, I also work with men and those who don’t fit into the binary gender paradigm.

I welcome you and look forward to meeting you!









Please note: Coaching is not therapy and is not appropriate for anyone seeking mental health care.